• Propane

    RGR manufactures Dedicated LPG Auto Conversion kit that is EPA Certified and OBD II Compliant; Contains Non-Invasive, Plug-and-Play Fuel Injection Delivery System; Offers comparable mileage and horsepower to gasoline; Provides increased driving range  Read More…                                                 Why Propane?  Learn More
  • Natural Gas

    RGR is a certified dealer and installer of EPA Certified Bi-Fuel CNG Conversion Systems with all new SAFE DRIVE NGV Technology manufactured by Auto Gas America  Read More…
  • Services

    We are CSA America Certified Inspectors for CNG Fuel Systems, including Cylinders safety and other containers, Pressure Refief Devices, Pipes, Brackets and other fuel system components.  As well as, RGR offers EPA Certification Services  Read More…
  • Gasoline Prices

    Gasoline Prices