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RGR Alternative Fuels believes that small steps can yield great results.

Our company mission is to contribute to a cleaner environment and economic stability. Starting with local fleet companies, we will expand and continue to supply new and existing vehicles with safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative fuel conversions. Our products meet current federal standards and set a benchmark for all other alternative fuel conversions.

Green Fuel Solutions for Shuttle Fleets

Our Dedicated LPG Auto Conversion Kit that is EPA Certified and OBD II Compliant. Non-invasive, plug and play fuel injection delivery system offers comparable mileage and horsepower to gasoline at a fraction of the cost.



RGR manufactures a Dedicated LPG Auto Conversion Kit that is EPA Certified and OBD II Compliant, contains non-invasive, plug-and-play fuel injection delivery system, and offers comparable mileage, range, and horsepower to gasoline.



We are CSA America Certified Inspectors for CNG Fuel Systems, including cylinders safety and other containers, pressure release devices, pipes, brackets, and other fuel system components. RGR Also offers EPA Certification Services.


Our Partner

Propane powers more than 15 million vehicles in more than 38 countries. Propane provides fleet managers with a cost-effective, clean, safe, and reliable alternative fuel.
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Lower Cost

  • The price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), or propane fuel, is cheaper than that of regular petroleum gasoline.
  • Offers comparable mileage and horsepower to gasoline.

Cleaner Emissions

  • LPG is also cleaner because emissions are reduced by 70 - 80%. Cleaner fuel also means a cleaner car.
  • Green fleet contracts will also become available.

Less Maintenance

  • LPG (Propane) vehicles cost less to maintain while extending life of the vehicle.
  • Increases overall driving range for vehicles.
  • RGR guarantees our product for 5 years upon signing of contract.

Improved Economy

  • Helps domestic economy by using domestic fuel.
  • No fuel loss from pilferage/theft.